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Start focus on your goals, We do the rest.

We plan to make this bigger and easier to use. Here is our plan for this product:

Update 0.8
  • create 6 home pages
  • include blog pages
  • 12 inner pages added
17 February 2021
Update 1.0 Current update
  • addkit is live
waiting review
Update 1.1Next update
  • 5 Pages will be added in HTML version
  • Figma & Adobe Xd will added
  • 10 Design Pages will be added
20 mars 2021

The Power of Code

Addkit is built on flexible components that are designed to be combined into larger sections and full pages. We provide you with 50+ pre-built pages usinn panini, but it’s also dead simple to create new pages all your own with ease. Copy-paste components and sections, switch up a handful of SCSS variables, and you have a brand new layout!

We built Goodkit with the same ethos as Bootstrap itself, meaning customizing and extending our components should be as simple as working with Bootstrap’s core.
Goodkit was designed as a family of components from its inception, which is reflected in both the end result and the original design.

Kickstart your product with these stunning homepages.

Each page was thoroughly designed and styled for the best user experience, so you can focus on adding your content instead of customising elements.

Responsive Design Approach

We have designed and coded all pages to fits in every device.

Easy to customize

Take template wherever you go so that you know what’s going on with your money at all times.

Coded Version

We are continuously convert the designed page into HTML/SCSS.

Free Future Updates

We plan to make this template bigger, both in design and development environtment.

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